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Cute but Deadly: Wombat Scurries onto Road

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The typical animals drivers see on American roads are deer, opossum, and raccoons. However, in Australia, native animals such as koalas, dingos, and emus are often the disastrous victims of road incidents. It is estimated that 1 in 7 road accidents involve wildlife there. With kangaroos as the animal most involved with car crashes, the second place spot is held by wombats. Unfortunately, this is not a ranking that should be bragged about.

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Last week, a car in the Riverina gradually rolled over in an attempt to dodge a wombat that appeared out of the night like the magical creature that it is. This incident was captured on a dashcam as the wombat bolted out, much to the humans’ anticipated protests. The brand new ute was shattered from its roll that played out in slow motion, but both driver and passenger thankfully escaped from the battered car without an injury — as did the wombat.

Wildlife roadside accidents are through the roof in Australia. Should an animal run out in front of you on the road, Craig Glasson, a panel beater, advises, “Drop your headlight stand and hit the brakes and don’t swerve.”

So, if you’re driving through Australia, keep an eye out for these beloved marsupials during the night. But if worst comes to worst, listen to Glasson and hope for the best. With diligent driving, hopefully the only prominent standing a wombat holds will be in your heart.

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