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Cuteness Overload: The Little How To Girl Does an Oil Change

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This adorable little girl probably knows more about cars than you

Little How To Girl Oil Change Video

“The oil is draining, my Lord. Kumbaya…”

When it comes to creating popular internet content, most people know that if there is an animal or a cute kid involved, it is likely to go viral. Well, the parent(s) of the ‘Little How To Girl’ (whose name has yet to be revealed by the sleuths of the internet) knew what they were doing when they had the toddler get to work, showing people all over the world how to complete certain tasks. Her most recent video, entitled “How to Do An Oil Change,” has quickly become a hit and has acquired almost 500,000 views since being uploaded on May 8th.

Little How To Girl Oil Change Video

Just a 3 year-old jacking up a car; nothing to see here

The pint-sized mechanic, sporting a multi-color My Little Pony t-shirt, has way more enthusiasm about car maintenance than any mechanic I’ve ever encountered. She even goes as far as singing an alternate version of “Kumbaya My Lord” while eating a cookie and waiting for the old oil to drain. While the video is obviously adorable, it is also surprisingly informative. The Little How To Girl’s step-by-step instructions are as equally succinct as they are entertaining. From jacking the car up to helpful tips to prevent an unwanted mess, I found myself taking mental notes if I ever intended to change my own oil in the future.

She’s done car maintenance before!

This isn’t the first time the Little How To Girl has done work on a vehicle, either. In a previous video, uploaded on March 31st, the tot goes through the steps of changing a car’s ignition coils with ease. Then, on April 6th, viewers were shown how to make a bedtime snack, which led to instructions on how to fix a headlight. (Spoiler: She ran out of milk for her snack and needed to go to the store, but noticed a headlight was out on the car and decided to fix that first. Smart.)

Little How To Girl Oil Change Video

The Little How To Girl is intently focused on the funnel and preventing a spill

The Little How To Girl has a few other non-vehicle related how-to videos on her channel, including “How to Change a Lock” and the ever-important and often puzzling, “How to Vacuum Your Living Room.” It’s only a matter of time before this charming child ends up on the Ellen show, but one thing is certain – her parents can rest easy knowing that she’ll be able to take care of herself when it comes to car maintenance, as well as many other helpful life skills.