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Dangerous Driving Errors Moms Make Behind the Wheel

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Making the Most of your Driving Lessons

There’s hardly a moment when moms aren’t doing or thinking about a million different things. But, behind the wheel, not focusing on the task at hand is a dangerous mistake many drivers, especially busy moms, make. Here’s how to stop the multitasking mindset and avoid other common mistakes behind the wheel.

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“Understand: ‘Multitasking’ doesn’t mean what you think it means. You’re not literally performing two different activities at the same exact time. Instead, you go back and forth from one thing to another. For example, it’s impossible to eat a sandwich while you turn the steering wheel. You can take a bite of turkey in one moment and steer right in the next one. But you can’t do both things simultaneously,” according to Women Auto Know, a site founded by certified mechanic and fourth-generation auto shop owner Audra Fordin.

Leaving late or leaving too little cushion time to get where you’re going can negatively impact your behavior on the road.

“Most people don’t make great driving decisions whey they’re in a rush. It’s easier to justify the choice to drive aggressively, break the speed limit, run a red light, or cut a driver off when you’re running behind,” reports Women Auto Know.

As impossible as it may seem to accomplish, the best way to avoid this mistake is to get an earlier start on your journey. Buffer in extra time so you’re not stressed behind the wheel.

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When your little one is making the journey with you and he is demanding your attention or you’re worried something is wrong, you’re better off pulling over to a safe location to tend to your child’s needs than trying to handle the situation while you’re simultaneously operating a motor vehicle in traffic.

News Source: Women Auto Know