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Danica Patrick Can-Am Spyder Sweepstakes

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Click your way into the seat of a Can-Am Spyder, and for some reason, Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick Can-Am Spyder sweepstakes

Danica Patrick Can-Am Spyder Sweepstakes

If you could pick any Can-Am Spyder to tool around town in, which would it be? Now, picture yourself as an enormously famous and successful race car driver. Now which Can-Am is it? It’s up to you to choose which Can-Am Spyder that Danica Patrick is going to drive. No pressure.

The payoff? You could win your own Can-Am Spyder to match Danica’s.

“I test rode the Can-Am Spyder RS-S and now I want my own Can-Am Spyder! Help me decide which bike I should choose”, says Patrick, who clearly has not had enough motorsport experience and expendable income to make these kinds of pivotal decisions on her own. I read this as, Help me, random internet stranger. You’re my only hope! Luckily, we love winning things, so we’re going to let this weak premise go, and hopefully help you click your way into winning a sweet ride.

How to Enter the Danica Patrick Can-Am Spyder Sweepstakes

To enter, just head on over to the Can-Am Spyder Facebook page and ‘Like‘ the riding style that you believe Danica would like best. Judging by her need-for-speed and quote above, I’m going to guess that the RS is a good bet. You can choose from the Spyder RT, ST, and RS in various colors.

Can-Am Spyder Styles

Time to research Danica’s favorite color.

You’ll have to hurry, though, this sweepstakes ends on May 20th. There is only one entry allowed per person, so annoying friends and family into entering this sweepstakes too is a must-do. I went ahead and entered, choosing a sweet orange ST. I feel like it will go well with the police car lights that will inevitably be trailing behind me on the freeway.

Win a Can-Am Spyder

My choice for Danica. Hope she likes it!

Good luck out there!

But not too much, because, seriously, I’m winning this thing, guys.
Can-Am Sypder Sweepstakes

Can-Am Sypder Sweepstakes

What you Could win: More Can-Am Spyder Photos: