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Dealerships Will Have to Meet Certain Requirements If They Want to Sell the Corvette C8

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Dealerships interested in selling the latest Chevrolet Corvette model will have to enroll in one of two different Corvette programs

What will dealers have to do to get this beauty out on their lots?
Photo: National Corvette Museum

The upcoming Chevrolet Corvette C8 is not only an exciting vehicle for customers; it’s also an exciting prospect for dealerships. After all, the Corvette C8 is very likely to net quite a few sales when it hits the market.

Still, if dealerships want to sell the Corvette C8, they will reportedly have to meet certain requirements.

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Dealerships will reportedly have to enroll in a custom Corvette program if they want to sell the latest iteration of the iconic sports car. Two such programs will be offered by Chevrolet: the “Corvette Dealer” program and the “Signature Corvette Dealer” program.

With the “Corvette Dealer” program, dealerships will have to send one sales specialist to the Spring Mountain Motor Resort in Pahrump, Nevada, for a special education course all about the latest Corvette model. Said class will cost the dealership $3,500.

Additionally, all personnel at the dealership will have to undergo sales and service training. Dealerships who select to enroll in this program will need to purchase the custom set of C8 service tools, which costs an additional $1,500.

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The second “Signature Corvette Dealer” program is similar to that of the first “Corvette Dealer” program. The difference is that the dealership must “comply with the Corvette Participation Agreement.” Dealerships enrolled in this program will be able to sell Corvette merchandise at their dealership.

For an additional fee, dealerships can sign up for a mobile tour, where Chevy will send a Corvette expert to the dealership. This comes at a cost of $16,000 for one day or $25,000 for two days.

While dealerships have likely already received a glimpse at the upcoming iteration of the Corvette, the general public will receive its first look at the Corvette C8 on July 18.

News Source: GM Authority