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Dear Teenagers: Stop Throwing Things Off Overpasses

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Highway Overpass

Photo: Pexels

You’d think teenagers would’ve learned by example last month, when five Michigan teenagers were charged with murder after they threw rocks off an I-75 overpass and killed a man. But nope, apparently not. Apparently, we live in a society where teenagers think throwing heavy items off an overpass, into moving traffic, is “fun” instead of dangerous.

Well, here’s a second reality check for you, teens.

Four teenage boys, in Ohio this time, have been charged with murder. The young teens threw a sandbag, along with other items, over the edge of another I-75 overpass; the sandbag landed on an oncoming vehicle, killing the 22-year-old passenger. Another vehicle was damaged in the incident, but no additional passengers were injured.

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Wednesday, the four Ohio teens were arrested and charged with murder and vehicular vandalism. These are not light sentences, either: all four of these boys are facing up to life in prison.

People learn throughout their adolescence that actions have consequences. But most often, these include lying to their parents, talking about friends behind their backs, and deciding to cut their own bangs (don’t do it). These actions don’t often include throwing dangerously heavy objects onto moving cars.

To all of the teens out there: think about the consequences of your actions before you act. Throwing items off an overpass not only defies common sense, but it puts the lives of everyone around you in danger. Your actions will affect your life, your family’s lives, and the lives and families of every single person on that highway. Peer pressure is a dangerous game, and you’re better off walking off the field.

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News Source: CNN