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Demi Lovato says Let it Go: Stop Texting and Driving with #X

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Demi Lovato's #X campaign aims to curb texting and driving.

Stop Texting and Driving with # X

Stop Texting and Driving with # X

Last summer, Demi Lovato first teamed up with AT&T to try and fix the texting epidemic that has plagued our society. Texting while walking is dangerous enough; I have seen people run into poles and walls before (ouch!) and almost walk into oncoming traffic unknowingly. Mix that attitude with a vehicle and you definitely have trouble.

Demi has recently posted a new PSA online, which you can view below, that focuses on how the pop star curbs her own appetite for texting and relies on the ever-so-catchy, if overused, ‘#’ popularized by Twitter.

#X is the newest addition to the “It Can Wait” pledge that is a promise to never text and drive. In the YouTube video, Demi expresses how she uses short-hand to converse with her crew, and creates a simple heart with her hands in order to communicate a love for her fans. “But the most meaningful short hand of all” is the one Demi uses when she is about to drive, which is #X. She says it is the easiest way to tell everyone that she is about to drive, and uses it every time before she gets behind the wheel.

#x to alert others that you are about to drive.

#x to alert others that you are about to drive.

I know it is tempting to look at your phone while driving when you hear that familiar buzz, but #X holds drivers accountable for their actions. It stops the conversations you are having and also lets friends know that you are unavailable to talk. Instead of your friends worrying that you are ignoring them, and texting you incessantly, this hashtag can easily stop them right in their tracks.

demi lovato driving

Demi Lovato Driving

You may be rolling your eyes right now and thinking the following:

  • “I just read and don’t respond!”
  • “I hold it at the top of the steering wheel so I can still see the road fine!”
  • “Everyone does it.”
  • “I just drive further behind the cars in front of me!”
  • “I only text at stoplights.”

No matter what your excuse is, remember that no text is worth a life.

It really can wait, and I promise that your mom, boyfriend, grandpappy, or boss won’t have a conniption because they have to wait for a couple extra minutes to hear back from you. You friends and family would prefer your head was not in La La Land and was focused on the road so you can see those other Neon Lights coming towards you.