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Demonstrate Good Driving Skills if You Want Your Teen Driver to be a Safe Driver

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Kids tend to learn by example. So, even if you tell him to obey the speed limit, be respectful of other drivers, and drive cautiously, if he’s witnessed your speed-demon tendencies and aggressive driving habits as well as heard any colorful language escaping from your mouth during a stressful traffic jam, chances are your teen driver will be a speedster and an aggressive, potentially dangerous driver, too.

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“Like it or not, your child’s initial driving style and habits are most likely going to mimic your own,” reports Working Mother Writer Tisha Berg who advises if you regularly exercise bad driving habits, now, for the sake of your soon-to-be teen driver, is the time to stop.

In addition to modeling safe and smart driving habits, Berg recommends you impress upon your teen driver how risky it is to get behind the wheel while sleep-deprived.

“Discuss this scenario with your teen and do what you can to ensure that he’s getting the proper rest each night. Also, strictly limit the amount of late-night driving your teen does, even though you’ll probably have to enforce this rule amid much protesting,” according to Berg. “Lastly, whenever you feel there’s a possibility that your kid may be too tired to drive, always go along for the ride.”

If you want your teen to NEVER text and drive or check his phone while behind the wheel, then keep yours out of your hands and out of sight when you drive, as well, advises Berg.

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By being a good, responsible, cell-ignoring, speed-limit abiding driver, you’ll be setting the best example for your kid, and when he gets behind the wheel, he’ll be able to start his driving career off on the safe foot.

News Source: Working Mother