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DENDO DRIVE HOUSE Is a 2019 HIVE 50 Innovator

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Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

The Mitsubishi Motors DENDO DRIVE HOUSE earned a spot on the 2019 Hive 50 award list. Hanley Wood Magazine selects HIVE 50 Innovators to honor the products, processes, or people that work to improve performance, inspire creativity, or discover better methods of building.

Improving Upon Technology: Mitsubishi innovations over the years

The innovation of DENDO DRIVE HOUSE

From Dec. 4 to 5, Hanley Wood Magazine held its fourth HIVE conference in Austin, Texas. With the Hive 50 award list, the magazine recognizes companies within the construction and building industries that balance beauty, strength, and functionality.

Initially revealed at the Geneva International Auto Show back in March, DDH is a bi-directional charger home energy system that has solar panels, a storage battery, and either a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or a battery electric vehicle.

With the system, you can charge your PHEV or EV vehicle from the comfort of your home with solar-generated power. You can also transfer electricity from your PHEV or EV vehicle back to your home. As a result, you can have battery backup power as needed and also save money on your electricity bill. Mitsubishi handles the sale and installation of DDH, as well as the maintenance.

In addition to being beneficial to drivers, DDH is also environmentally friendly since it utilizes solar panels to generate energy for charging your vehicle or powering your appliances. Overall, its smart consumer strategy is what helped land the DDH on the 2019 Hive 50 list.

More Information on the System: DENDO DRIVE HOUSE technology

DDH is currently only available at select Mitsubishi Motors dealerships located in Japan. However, within the next several months, Mitsubishi intends to offer the system in other markets as well.