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Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE back in March at the Geneva Auto Show. Now, the company has begun limited sales of the system in Japan.

The First Reveal: Mitsubishi at the Geneva Auto Show

Details on the available package

Beginning on October 3, the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE started selling in Tokyo, Japan. The limited sales there are the first sales of the system globally. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation plans to begin sales in overseas markets in the near future as well.

The comprehensive Vehicle to Home system consists of a bi-directional charger, solar panels, a home battery, and a Mitsubishi plug in-hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle. However, the current limited sales don’t include the home battery.

If you to choose to purchase the system, you will also receive services in many countries, which consist of installing the DENDO DRIVE SYSTEM and maintaining its components afterward.

With the package, you can charge your PHEV or EV at your home. Utilizing solar-generated power, the system is reliable and convenient to use, and it can aid in the reduction of your electricity costs since electricity goes from your vehicle to your house.

Mitsubishi Motors is hoping to help create a more sustainable and low-carbon society with this system. The overall concept of the system coincides with the company’s plan to electrify vehicles and houses. Plus, by allowing you to charge comfortably at home, the system makes owning an electric vehicle more convenient.

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There’s no news yet on when Mitsubishi Motors Company will start sales of the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE in the U.S. However, there’s hope that it will be released here within the next few months.