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The Deranged Drivers & Cutthroat Cars of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

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Frankenstein's Ford Mustang battles Zach McGowan's Chevy Camaro and other customized vehicles

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The newest Death Race movie has arrived, and with it 11 fearsome drivers competing in a ferocious battle to the death to become king of The Sprawl. Across four stages, these ferocious vehicles will go head-to-head in a pedal-stomping, gear-grinding battle viewed by 54 million viewers via 250 live camera feeds. These are the competitors, the cars of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.

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Profiles of the drivers and cars of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Johnny Law police car

Johnny Law

Johnny Law (Nicholas Aaron), a three-time participant, returns to the death race circuit in his police cruiser mounted atop the wheels and underpinnings of a monster truck. Across the door are the words, “In jail, no one can hear you scream.”
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Fireman Dodge Ram

The Fireman

Two-time racer The Fireman (Julian Seagar) brings his bright orange, metal-plated Dodge RAM Hemi, orange, bearing a nasty harpoon-launcher on the hood.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Matilda the Hun School Bus Van

Matilda the Hun

Matilda the Hun (Jasette Amos) may drive a cargo van that’s painted to look like a school bus, but she doesn’t care about anyone else’s safety.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Gipsy Rose Mini cooper

Gipsy Rose

Gipsy Rose (Yennis Cheung), first-time participant in the death race, dashes around the competition in her sprightly — and heavily armed — MINI Cooper S.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers VW Beetle Pierced Face

Pierced Face

Pierced Face (Genislav Naydenov) pilots a Volkswagen Beetle —  nicknamed the Purple People Eater — that’s bearing its teeth instead of smiling.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Nazi Bastard Army Truck

Nazi Bastard

This modified military truck, proudly driven by the Nazi Bastard (Velizar Peev), resembles the face of a bat that’s barreling out of hell and aiming to shove everyone out of the way.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers War Cycle


Dirt (Rumen Zahariev) brings a different type of vehicle to the course: the low-riding, open-air Formula 1 War Cycle that’s a pain in the axle.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Dead Man Hearse

Dead Man

Dead Man (Marian Valev) doesn’t mess around. He drives a killer violet hearse with a coffin atop that’s holding dangerous surprises.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Cleopatra Toyota Celica


Cleopatra (Polina Ivanova) makes an unorthodox choice of vehicle for her first death race: a blacked-out Toyota Celica that’s frustratingly hard to catch.
Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Connor Gibson Chevrolet Camaro

Connor Gibson

Connor Gibson (Zach McGowan), sent to infiltrate The Sprawl and take out Frankenstein, is stuck with an orange, barely-running Camaro fixed up by his teammates.

Read more about Conner’s Camaro in our exclusive interview with Zach McGowan!

Death Race Beyond Anarchy movie cars drivers Frankenstein Ford Mustang


Hoping to secure his eighth consecutive death race win and remain ruler of The Sprawl, Frankenstein (Velislav Pavlov) returns in his spiked Ford Mustang.

The director Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, Don Michael Paul, wanted the personalities of the drivers to be memorable and unique, and to make sure that each car matched the characteristics of its operator. Needless to say, all the drivers are just as aggressive, flamboyant, and unhinged as their vehicular counterparts.

If you’re interested in learning how the filmmakers and crewmen modified these custom cars, the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy includes a behind-the-scene featurette titled “On the Streets of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.” It provides a glimpse into how the mechanics crew stripped the production models of their seats, dashboard, liners, and floorboards to   prepare the cars for extreme stunts.

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy arrives on Blu-Ray, DVD, digital download, and on-demand Tuesday, October 2.

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