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Detroit Institute of Arts Donations Pour In from Big Three

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Reid Bigland speaking about the Detroit Institute of Arts donations

Reid Bigland speaking today about the Detroit Institute of Arts donations

It’s no secret that Detroit is having somewhat of a financial crisis. Because of the city’s bankruptcy, the Detroit Institute of Arts is attempting to raise $100 million to pledge to the city in an effort to keep Detroit from selling off its art. Back in March, the institute reached out to Detroit’s Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The institute was hoping for a combined $50 million donation from the three automakers.

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Well, they didn’t get it, but the Big Three didn’t totally leave the institute hanging. In fact, the Big Three’s Detroit Institute of Arts donations together totaled $26 million. General Motors and Ford each donated $10 million, and the slacking Fiat Chrysler coughed up “just” $6 million. The donation was announced just a few minutes ago at a press conference in Detroit, featuring representatives for the Big Three, as well as Michigan governor, Rick Snyder. Even with the $26 million, the Institute of Arts will not have reached its goal. They remain hopeful, however, as they await a possible (and hefty) donation from the Michigan House Committee.

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