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Distracted Australian Drifter In Hot Water

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Nissan GT-R drifting

Drifting is cool… on a closed course, like where this Nissan is.

Drifting cars can be awesome, especially if you have the perfect performance vehicle to do them in. However, drifting is always best on closed courses, and is certainly not advised on city streets. In fact, it’s pretty illegal because of the potential loss of control (not to mention it’s nearly impossible to maintain a lane while drifting). One drifter in Australia learned the hard way that it’s not a great idea to do it on a city street, but the whole situation could have been avoided if they were paying attention.

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A driver stopped at a red light in Australia witnessed a driver pull into the street opposite of them. The car proceeds to drift into the turn, and then drift and do donuts in the street. To give them one small, itsy-bitsy grain of credit, the street being drifted on was empty (at that point). What the drifter failed to notice, though, was that there was a police officer waiting at the stoplight as well. Once the drifter was done, and traffic resumed, the police vehicle turned on its lights and pursued the vehicle.

For the record, The News Wheel does not condone any type of illegal behavior on the road, especially when that illegal behavior threatens other drivers. That being said, if you knew you were about to do something illegal, wouldn’t you check for police nearby? If we’re running late and a traffic light turns yellow, most of us check an intersection before we enter it when the yellow is so stale it’s basically red. If there is a police officer there, hitting the brakes is the best possible decision.

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In conclusion, class, don’t ever be stupid on the road, but especially when law enforcement is near.

News Source: Mashable