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Do High School Students Really Need Cars?

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In the U.S., depending on the state, driver’s licenses can be issued to those between the ages of 15 and 16 years old. And in some provinces of Canada, even 14-year-olds can get their licenses. What this means is that high school students can drive a B category car. But do high school students really need cars during their adolescent years? The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.


Reasons why a student needs a car

One of the most compelling arguments in favor of buying a car for a high schooler is that a car is an indicator of your position among classmates. Most students take public transportation or get rides from parents to get to school. But if a student shows up in their own car, all eyes are on them and they are the epitome of “cool.”

However, a student with a car could also mean that they live far away from the school. It wouldn’t make sense for a family to completely uproot their home so a student can take a bus or walk to school. Sometimes, getting a car for your teenager just makes sense financially in the long run.

When a student has a car, they have more time to do their homework because they’re not waiting around for the bus or a ride from a friend. High school students with cars also tend to learn more about responsibility and it also allows them to prepare to enroll in colleges and universities. They’ll have more time to get ready for the admission process without turning to a college admission essay writing service.

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Reasons why cars are not for high school

When it comes down to it, cars cost money. Whether it’s the initial cost of the vehicle, the monthly insurance payments, or frequent stops at the pump, money is a factor. Most students don’t have jobs and therefore these payments are the responsibility of the parent. If a family is not financially stable, getting a car for a high school student isn’t a great idea.


The bottom line

While it is certainly more convenient for your teen to have their own car to let them get from place to place while you’re busy with work, it’s definitely something your family needs to discuss in great length before taking the plunge.

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