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Documenting Road Rage in the Modern World

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New Age of Road Rage

The Modern Age of Road Rage

Road rage is something that has existed since the creation of the road. However, it has evolved over time, just as our vehicles of choice have evolved from the horse to the Optima. As long as there are roads to drive on, road rage will exist–at least until the age of the Jetsons, at which point we can coin the term “air rage.”

One of the things that’s relatively new to the world of driving is the way in which road rage is documented and ultimately handled. The adoption of technology at everyone’s fingertips has provided motorists with the ability to gather evidence for pleading their case in a traffic dispute.

Mobile phones have not only allowed drivers that are victims of road rage to call the authorities ASAP, but also double in many cases as a recording device for documenting aggressive driving. The increasing prevalence of dashboard cameras has also helped expose and ultimately prosecute some of the worst drivers on our streets and highways.

Using such a tool to your benefit could come in handy, as long as you play it smart. We suggest caution when recording the incident, in part because videos have shown to cause the attacker to become that much more hostile. The most important thing to remember is to always stay calm, and if you find yourself stuck in a situation involving road rage, stay in your vehicle, lock all doors and windows, and call for the appropriate authorities.