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Dodge Magnum Named Most Popular Used Car for Millennials

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Dodge Magnum Station Wagon

The Dodge Magnum topped’s Most Popular Used Cars for Millennials list
Photo: Allen

If you want to know what’s trendy at the moment, then you should always look to see what the Millennial generation is doing. Recently, it looks like one of the trendiest things to do is to buy a Dodge Magnum.

According to a recent analysis from, the Dodge Magnum has a higher rate of buyers from the Millennial generation than any other vehicle on the used car market. While the large crossover is no longer in production, it has still found a spot in the hearts of younger buyers.

Top 10 Used Cars for Millennials’s Most Popular Used Cars for Millennials list

Along with the Magnum, six of the top 10 most popular used models with the younger generation are actually no longer rolling off assembly lines. analyst Jeremy Acevedo believes that there’s a very good reason for that:

Millennials are more practical used car shoppers than we might otherwise credit them. They may not go into the shopping process targeting these lesser-known vehicles, but when they see how their price tags stack up against other, better-known vehicles, they suddenly become a lot more attractive. When it comes to used cars, value and utility appear to trump just about anything else for many Millennial buyers.

While low price is a top consideration for the younger generation, Edmunds also found a few other car-shopping habits of Millennials. Typically, car preferences depend on the young car buyer’s geographical location; the Magnum is extremely popular in Detroit and Chicago, while the Saturn Outlook is sells well in Dallas and Atlanta.

The research analysis was done based on car registration data from Polk. This includes all used car registrations recorded through the first six months of 2015.

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