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Should My Dog Wear a Seat Harness?

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Should My Dog Wear A Seat Harness?

Should My Dog Wear A Seat Harness?

If you’re asking yourself, “should my dog wear a seat harness?”, the short answer is absolutely. If you care about the safety of your dog in an accident, you’ll buckle them up every time you hit the road.

Just like humans, dogs can suffer fatal injuries, become projectiles, and even be thrown from the car in the event of an accident. Unfortunately for dogs, when a serious accident occurs, they are the last to get treatment since people are treated and taken care of first.

A simple and effective solution is a dog seat harness. They are inexpensive, comfortable for the dogs, and incredibly easy to use. Dogs are able to lie down, sit up, and move to their heart’s desire in the space of their single seat.

According to, seatbelt harnesses have several major benefits:

  • Dogs will avoid being ejected in an accident, even low speed accidents can result in a dog being thrown from a car. The harness absorbs deceleration forces just like a human seatbelt does, reducing overall injury.
  • Restrained dogs cannot become projectiles with the force of an accident, which can cause injury to both humans and dogs.
  • Restrained dogs cannot jump out of the car when a door is opened, preventing a lost dog or a dog hit by another car.
  • A restraint also removes any chance of the dog interfering with driving, being a distraction, or running away in the event of an accident.

Your dog may not love the new harness at first, so introduce it slowly, and offer a lot of praise, treats, and positive reinforcement.