Kyle Johnson

Dogecoin Takes Spotlight at Aaron’s 499

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The meme-inspired cryptocurrency got so press from a 20th place finish from Josh Wise. Also, we can now lay to rest to argument as to how doge is pronounced.

TIL: Doge is pronounced dohj. At least we can say that this is the correct pronunciation if we take Mike Joy’s word for it. And why shouldn’t we, after all? Joy may well be an internexpert for all we know.

Josh Wise’s Dogecar made its much anticipate debut yesterday at the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway and put on an exceptional performance. The race itself was so excite: Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson, and Alex Bowman all got loose and caused much wreck, there were many cars driven in circles, and in the end, one was ultimately faster than the field. Denny Hamlin may have won the race, but there were plenty of eyes on Wise’s No. 98 Ford Fusion and its beautiful Doge livery.

Wise ended up finishing 20th, which ain’t bad for a car that wouldn’t have been sponsored had it not been for so crowdfund.  Wise’s car was sponsored by the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which combines the internet currency-fancy of Bitcoin with the lulz of the Doge internet meme.

The video below perfectly encapsulates everything that is Dogecoin:

Despite the seemingly ridiculous nature of Dogecoin, it’s been used to not only fund a NASCAR, but to provide drinking water to those suffering from drought in Kenya, fund the Jamaican bobsled team, and to sell a house. Many functionality.

Had Wise won the Aaron’s 499, he would have won 596,664,147 Dogecoins (or right around $303,315). Though Wise was not victorious, Dogecoin was a clear victor at the Aaron’s 499 for all of the exposure it was able to rack up from the home viewing audience. Even Darrell Waltrip felt compelled to look it up on “the ol’ Google machine.” Amaze.


What’s next for Dogecoin? Where do you think is the next best application of that adorable and immanently viral Shiba? On a soccer jersey? In a video game? On the moon? So possibilities!