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Domino’s Expands Pothole-Filling Campaign Nationwide

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Domino's Paving for Pizza in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania filling potholes

Back in June, Domino’s started a new marketing program where it would start filling in potholes in the name of protecting your precious pizza. Apparently, the pizza company wasn’t anticipating the overwhelming positive response (it seems that Domino’s didn’t grasp just how much we all hate a pothole). In response, Domino’s basically shrugged, cracked its knuckles, and said “All right, let’s do all 50.”

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The program has now expanded to include one community in every single state. The most recent was the city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, where paving started yesterday. Domino’s also has given paving grants to 10 other cities, including Grand Forks, North Dakota; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hamtramck, Michigan; and Kinston, North Carolina.

In total, Domino’s’ received a flood of more than 137,000 nominations for this program, which covered 15,275 different zip codes, across every state in the country.

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Some city governments seem to be greatly relieved at the help. Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tony George said in a statement, “Potholes in Northeastern Pennsylvania are as prevalent as our region’s love for pizza. I am incredibly grateful to Domino’s assistance in repairing and patching our roads.”

Most surprising to me, though, is Domino’s’ surprise that hundreds of thousands of people asked for their help to fix roads. Perhaps since Domino’s started in Ypsilanti, Michigan, it has grown desensitized to poor road conditions. Regardless, it’s still soliciting nominations, and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

News Source: Domino’s