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Domino’s Pizza Launches Custom Delivery Fleet

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Dominos DXP main

Pizza delivery vehicles are true workhorses, driving many miles in a variety of trying weather conditions to deliver food to hungry people. Most delivery fleets are the personal cars of the drivers, but Domino’s is looking to change that at some locations with the introduction of the Domino’s DXP, a custom vehicle built to deliver pizza the best way possible.

The Dominos DXP starts out its life as the subcompact Chevrolet Spark and is transformed by Roush Enterprises into a car tailor-made for delivering hot and yummy pizzas. Customizers remove the rear and passenger seats, installing flat floors and a pizza bag holder to help the car accommodate up to 80 pizzas. There are even special compartments to hold napkins, drinks, and extra dipping sauces. The back panel behind the driver that is usually a door is crafted into a pizza oven that warms up to four pizzas at 140 degrees to make sure there is no cold pizza delivered.

Dominos DXP

Not all design choices were made just for the customer, however. According to the official Domino’s DXP site, the car’s four-cylinder engine was chosen with fuel efficiency in mind. On the driver’s side of the car, a side-mounted lamp will light the delivery driver’s way out of the car to ensure that they see any puddles, curbs, or other obstacles.

There are currently 97 of the 2016 Domino’s DXP vehicles on the road, and according to Yahoo Autos, franchise owners will pay $25,000 to add one of these unique vehicle to their fleet. Domino’s executives believe this price is very low, and the car will pay for itself in rolling advertising alone. it will be interesting to see how many franchises choose to invest in this reliable and uniform fleet.

Source: Yahoo Autos