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Don’t Overlook Your Lights and Floor Mats in Your Road Trip Prep

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Before you hit the open road for your summer family or solo road trip, you know that you should give your car a proper check-up, right? That means checking that the oil has been changed if necessary and that other fluids in your car are at their proper levels, testing the air conditioner, packing an emergency car kit, reviewing your battery’s power, and of course taking a close look at the health of your tires — including pressure, tread, and condition of your spare tire. But, there are two areas that can be easily overlooked — your car’s lights and floor mats, which can impact your safety on the road.

“Improperly installed floor mats in your vehicle may interfere with the operation of the accelerator or brake pedal, increasing the risk of a crash,” reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

When installing new floor mats, the NHTSA advises you remove the old mats first; stacking mats is not safe, and the new mats you choose should specifically be designed for your vehicle and fit properly. Always follow manufacturer’s installation instructions and pay extra attention to the driver’s mat.

All the lights on your vehicle should be checked before you embark on your adventure, too.

“Check your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and interior lights,” advises the NHTSA. “Towing a trailer? Be sure to also check your trailer including brake lights and turn signals. A failure of the trailer light connection is a common problem and a serious safety hazard.”

The prep you do before you leave can mean a safer journey — one that isn’t interrupted by a maintenance issue.

News Source: NHTSA