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Doug DeMuro Discovers a Race Car Library in San Diego

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For all of the book nerds out there, you probably have heard of Little Free Libraries. If not, they are small boxes set up throughout the country with books inside. The concept is simple: take a book, leave a book. This gives everyone a chance to read new books and experience a sense of community.

Well, car enthusiast and Autotrader contributor Doug DeMuro discovered a new version of the book exchange program: a Race Car Library. Hot Wheels, that is.

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Doug DeMuro stumbled upon the Hot Wheels Race Car Library in San Diego. With this library, kids and adults alike can exchange miniature model cars to find their favorites. The instructions, taped to the side of the box, read as follows:

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“Hi Neighbor, We were inspired by the ‘little libraries’ all over the neighborhood and wanted to contribute in a way that reflected our own household’s current passion so we created this race car library.

“This is for kids and kids [at] heart, toy lovers and car enthusiasts, no matter their age.

“So here’s how it works:

“You can borrow a car, leave a car, trade a car, and if you find one you really love, keep it forever. If you have car(s) you would like to drop off, you can put them in the ‘Receiving’ area so we can catalogue them, clean them up and get them up into the showroom.

“Race your cars, jump your cars, build ramps and garages, put them on your desk at work, most of all have fun and never grow up!”

Not only is this a fun idea for everyone, but it’s a great way to show all of the kids out there what sharing can do, and teach them about what it means to be part of a community.