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Dream Drives Gives Sick Kids Rides in Fancy Cars

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Admit it–you’d be grinning too if you got a ride in an exotic car
Photo: Good Day Oregon via Matrix007

What would you do if you had a collection of exotic, high-octane supercars? Most people would probably keep them locked away to avoid adding mileage and road wear, but Eric and Amity Peterson of Portland, Oregon give rides to children with serious illnesses.

Their charity foundation, Dream Drives for Kids, take children out of the confines of hospital rooms and rehabilitation facilities out onto the open road for a brief respite.

What Does Dream Drives for Kids Do?

After making a fortune off his technology consulting firm, Eric Peterson invested in a garage full of rare and expensive cars. In 2014, he decided to share his luxury rides with local children through Dream Drives for Kids–a “volunteer organization that is dedicated to brightening the lives of sick children by providing rides in exotic sports cars,” according to its Facebook page.

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Any time away from a hospital can be a pleasant experience
Photo: Good Day Oregon via Matrix007

Approximately one child a week gets the special treatment. The experience includes a lesson on why such exotic cars are a big deal, a 30-minute ride in one of the vehicles, and video and photos of the experience. Available models include:

  • 1965 A.C. Cobra (Superformance replica)
  • 1969 Porsche 912
  • 1979 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo
  • 2006 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider
  • 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
  • 2008 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider
  • 2014 BMW M4
  • 2015 Porsche 911 (991) Turbo S
  • 2015 BMW i8

Those options will certainly make any grown-up car fan drool, but does it have the same effect on children? Based on the coverage of Dream Drives for Kids, the young passengers enjoy the experience–but that could also be because they’re not used to sitting in the front seat of a vehicle. It might not be every child’s dream (getting a ride in the Batmobile seems more fitting), but it’s certainly ours!

What do you think? Does riding in an exotic car make a difference to a child who’s used to hospital beds, or do you side with skeptics that claim it’s just a clever tax write-off opportunity?

News Source: Motor Authority