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Drive-Through Convenience Built at Home?

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2017 Jeep Cherokee Overland

A drive-through was designed to keep people moving while grabbing fast food, alcohol (some states), coffee (thank goodness), groceries, and even prescriptions. A drive-through is all about convenience and speed, helping to keep you on the go and on schedule.

But, your schedule starts at home, right? Could a drive-through at your house be the key to starting your day off easily and on time?

“Ever thought about having a garage with two doors? Not side by side, but one in the front and one in the back?” writes Jeff Beneke on

According to Beneke, this drive-through garage concept would present significant benefits including improved air quality, which can make working in the garage much more pleasant.

“Having two garage doors provides the ultimate in cross-ventilation,” according to Beneke.

Two doors also make getting your stuff in and out a much more simplified chore.

“With large or heavy items, like lawnmowers and full trash cans, you usually have to pull out your car to get the items out. By contrast, a rear garage door gives you easy access to both sides of the box, so there’s much less shuffling around to get to everything,” according to Beneke.

A drive-through garage can facilitate a private work area or gathering place, as well.

“If you had a rear garage door and set up back there you’d have a nice, private lounge space with equally good access to the garage and its shelter. At other times, when you’re working in the garage, you’d like to have the door open but you don’t want to be exposed to the neighborhood,” writes Beneke.

And of course, with two doors, Beneke reports that there’s no worry about maneuvering your car in reverse. Even with a backup camera, reversing your vehicle and navigating it into traffic can be tricky.

News Source: The Spruce