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Drive-Thru Weddings Might Be All the Rage This Year

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bride wedding car
Cars are helping couples celebrate their union while social distancing
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Social distancing has impacted so many layers of daily life, from weekday routines to major life events like weddings. While COVID-19 has disrupted many couples’ wedding plans this year, some couples are opting for more creative ways to officialize their union and celebrate their love during the pandemic. Drive-thru weddings might just be the 2020 wedding trend that no one predicted.

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Love in a time of corona

One couple in Utah, Brennan Norman and Abby Holman, recently had a drive-thru ceremony for 30 friends and family members. Their original date for the wedding was April 25, but they bumped it up to April 10 as the pandemic started to spread faster closer to their place of residence.

Friends and family stayed in their cars or at a safe distance from the bride and groom for the short but meaningful ceremony. Then the couple and guests parted ways to drive to their respective homes. After the wedding, the couple spent the weekend in a cabin closeby, since their original honeymoon trip was canceled.

“At first, we were sad we couldn’t have a normal wedding. But after seeing the video and pictures, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was perfect,” said Brennan.

A growing trend

A couple in Cranston, Rhode Island, also had a drive-by wedding ceremony. They had originally planned on just having a few family members attend. However, as the video clip shows, their friends surprised them by driving up to their ceremony on the lawn of Cranston West High School.

The ceremony isn’t the only part of the wedding that couples are adapting to suit the times. Another couple had a drive-by reception after they had a small ceremony with their closest family and friends.

Congratulations to all of these couples who are choosing to celebrate their love despite the challenging circumstances of the pandemic. It’s a positive ray of hope amidst somber headlines as we all continue social distancing for a while longer.

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