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Driveable Shirt Makes Fun and Relaxing Father’s Day Gift

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The “Car Massage Shirt” by Littlest Prince Couture is listed on

This June 18 will see a run on ties, tools, barbecue utensils, and handmade cards and pictures (those are the best). Although dads will love anything they receive from their beloved family for Father’s Day, what they probably really want is a nap for their special day, because being a parent is exhausting—wonderful—but exhausting.

Reader’s Digest writer Bryce Gruber has discovered a quirky, yet somewhat ingenious Father’s Day gift that checks a lot of gift-giving boxes; it combines fun and relaxation (that nap Dad wants) as well as plays homage to one of Dad’s favorite things – cars. This wonder is none other than the Car Massage Shirt.

The Car Massage Shirt by Littlest Prince Couture, an apparel brand designed for boys and inspired by the relationship between dads and sons, is listed on; it is a comfy t-shirt (dads love t-shirts) and features an adorable, brightly colored car track on the back, perfect for kids who love their Hot Wheels. Little ones can drive their toy cars and trucks or anything that goes, “Vroom” over the track on Dad’s back, resulting in an awesome time for toy-car loving kids and a relaxing and calming massage for Dad. (Well, as relaxing and calming as a massage from a kid who’s running toy cars across your back can be.)

There are four designs to choose from for the shirt: Around Town, Big City, Sports Town, and Game World, as well as four color choices: black, gray, white, and navy, with size options of adult medium, adult large, adult x-large, and adult xx-large. All of this joy and relaxation is currently available for the bargain price of $14.99, on

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