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Driver Gives Police Fake Name; Fake Name Turns Out to Be Real Person with DUI

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Usually, the person inside the vehicle asks, "What seems to be the issue, Officer?"Image: Coolcaesar

So, you say your name is “D.B. Cooper?”
Image: Coolcaesar

When it comes to trying to lie to police to get out of a ticket, generally criminals try to stick to a few guidelines.

First, they make sure they give a name that is believable. And second (and this one is the kicker), they try to make sure that the fake name isn’t the real name of a criminal.

A man from Niceville, Florida failed spectacularly on the second guideline. In late December, the man was pulled over by an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy, who had noticed that the man’s windshield had a crack all the way across it (in Florida, it is illegal to drive a vehicle that could be deemed “unsafe,” which includes a cracked windshield).

For reasons that we will explain in a moment, the man gave the deputy a fake name and birth date. So, the deputy conducted a records check, and found that the fake name belonged to a man who had his license suspended thanks to a DUI. The deputy arrested the man.

Eventually, the man revealed his true identity (probably assuming that the car would be out of the bag soon anyway), admitting that he gave a fake name because there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest on charges of aggravated battery. Oh, and his license was also suspended for DUI.

The man was charged with driving without a license and obstruction of justice. He will appear in court for these charges (and presumably the battery charge) in early January.

You would think, at the risk of all the trouble, people would just stick with “John Smith.”

Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith

Welcome to Florida, Mr. Smith
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