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Driving a Rental Car on a Toll Road Could Be Costly

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If you choose to fly to a vacation destination instead of drive there, you may decide to rent a car during your stay. While drivers can expect to pay a bill for the rental car, many are not aware that their bill could rise if they drive on a toll road.  

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How toll fees could increase your bill

Many different rental companies charge fees when you drive on a toll road. While some fees may only be a few dollars per toll, these costs can quickly add up if you need to hit multiple tolls on your trip.

When Daniel Dougan visited North Carolina, he rented a car for four days and had an initial bill of $300.81. However, Dougan later received another bill for $62.02, all because he drove through four tolls. The tolls themselves cost less than a dollar each.

Although Dougan doesn’t believe he was properly informed about the toll fees ahead of time, the information about the rental company’s toll charge policy was written in his contract.

To avoid these additional fees when you rent, you could plan out each drive and keep away from tolls roads. However, if you have to drive on a toll road, you could also attempt to only use cash toll lanes. Another option is to bring your own transponder, which you could get for a decent deal and then reuse on other vacations.

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If you choose to drive a rental car, be sure to familiarize yourself with the different fees and policies of rental companies so that you’re hopefully not surprised with a higher bill down the line.

News Source: WTHR