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Driving Directions From Stephen Colbert Now On Waze

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Stephen Colbert Waze App

If you’ve missed Stephen Colbert since he went off the air in December of last year, you’re in luck. Not only is the comedian returning to TV with The Late Show on CBS beginning September 8th, but you can now hear him berate you as you drive if you use the Waze app.

Check out the introduction video from the man himself below:

Note: The News Wheel does not condone typing on your smartphone with your tongue while driving. Or ever, really.

Waze’s navigation feature helps the app determine where you’re going and how to help you avoid traffic, even if it’s somewhere you drive every day. We hope that having Stephen Colbert on our phones means that he’ll steer us clear of any bears, his biggest enemy. He’s already committed himself to helping drivers avoid traffic jams, because that is his least favorite type of jam, right there with apricot jam and toe jam. If you already think that your normal GPS gets exasperated with you when you don’t follow directions correctly, Colbert’s witty remarks are sure to top that.

Stephen Colbert is the latest celebrity to lend his voice to the navigation app, following personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and  NBA All-Star Vlade Divac. Waze, which was purchased by Google in 2013, is a navigation app with a social aspect. By detecting driving speeds from its users, Waze can see traffic ahead and help drivers navigate around it. Users can also mark obstacles in the road, such as ice, tree debris, or disabled vehicles. They can even talk between vehicles while stuck in stopped traffic. One controversial feature is the ability to report where the police are so that drivers make sure to slow down and follow the speed limit before they get into range.

Be honest: Who is downloading the Waze app right now for the drive home?

Source: WIRED