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Driving Gloves: The Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

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Leather driving gloves
Planning a long road trip later this year? Leather driving gloves will help make the ride more pleasant
Photo: Leo via Pixabay

We’ve already shared the fascinating history behind driving gloves. Now, here are some benefits of wearing driving gloves, as well as some highly-rated ones that you can purchase via Amazon to enhance your commutes, Sunday afternoon drives, and road trips.

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5 Benefits of driving gloves

They look cool

No one can deny that wearing driving gloves gives you the coolness factor. Thanks to James Bond or Steve McQueen, as well as movies like “Baby Driver,” “Spectre,” and “Drive,” this accessory is making a comeback in the gearhead world.

Extra grip and control

Driving gloves provides your hands with extra traction when making quick maneuvers during a drive. It’ll give you more precise control when you need to make an impromptu lane change to avoid another car or move the gearshift into third to pass someone who’s traveling dangerously slow on the highway.

Preserve the steering wheel

This accessory also keeps your steering wheel in great shape. It does this by acting as a barrier between your hands and the wheel, so the wheel stays dry.

Keep your hands more comfortable

Ventilated driving gloves not only keep your hands dry in warmer weather. They also provide a thin layer of insulation on chillier days so your hands stay at the right temperature.

Minimize hand fatigue

Gloves are a great investment if you’re planning on a long road trip sometime in the future, whether that’s a cross-country drive or if you’ll be traveling across a few different states. Because they absorb the wheel’s vibrations, your hands will feel less sore after an extended period of driving.

Driving gloves worth splurging on

Riparo Men’s Leather Reverse Stitched Full-Finger Driving Gloves

These Riparo driving gloves come in a spectrum of shades and color combinations to suit a variety of tastes. At the time of writing, they cost just over $50 when you purchase them from Amazon.

Riparo Men’s Mesh Perforated Summer Driving Gloves

These mesh leather gloves provide maximum ventilation when you’re driving in warm weather. They’re also touchscreen-friendly so you can still use your smartphone and infotainment system while wearing them. Get them from Amazon for just under $50.

Harssidanzar Women’s Italian Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves

Elevate your drives with these vintage leather driving gloves from Harssidanzar that cost just under $30 on Amazon. They’re available in an array of different sizes so you can get just the right fit.

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