Catherine Hiles

Driving Without Ice Cream, and Other Serious Traffic Violations

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Being pulled over by the cops is such an unpleasant experience. There’s that gut-wrenching moment when you first spy the flashing lights in your rearview mirror and cross your fingers that it’s some other unlucky driver who’s caught the sheriff’s eye. Then, upon realizing that the object of the cop’s attention is, in fact, you, finding a safe spot to pull over without risking the life of everyone around you can be nervewracking. Wouldn’t it be nice if being pulled over resulted in a treat, rather than a trick?  [ Watch it Happen in the Video Below ]

driving without ice cream

Sheriff Greg Hagwood, serious police officer

If this is you, you probably need to move to California right this second. Police officers in Quincy, CA recently teamed up with Wall’s Ice Cream to brighten some local drivers’ days by replacing their expected tickets with ice cream. Yep, that’s right. Ice cream.

In the video, we see Sheriff Greg Hagwood talking about how tough and serious it is being a cop. “Law enforcement is serious work,” says Hagwood. “We deal with serious issues.” To demonstrate some of the serious issues that plague this local sheriff’s department, Hagwood and some other officers head out on the streets and pull over a random selection of seemingly innocent people.

driving without ice cream

“Are you familiar with vehicle code section 339472?”

The cops approach the cars and ask inane questions like “How many people do you have on board?” and “Are you familiar with vehicle code section 339472?” to which the unsurprising response is “Yeah… no.” Each driver is understandably puzzled, and waits in slight panic while the officers return to their cars to issue what they assume will be tickets.

driving without ice cream

It’s not looking good…

Luckily for these drivers, their only violation was driving without ice cream. As one officer says, “We’ve had reports that you’re driving without ice cream.” To combat this serious issue plaguing the small California town, the officers provide the drivers in question with ice cream to help them better navigate their routes, and all is once again right with the world.

driving without ice cream

Crisis averted

If only this were real life.

Watch the video in full below, then wipe up the puddle of drool that’s certain to have collected and go out for ice cream. It’s the law.