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Dry Shampoo Left in Car Racks up Hefty Bill

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There are lots of things you know not to leave in a hot car, like pets, children and sensitive electronics. Thanks to an incident in Missouri, you can add a new item to the list: a can of dry shampoo.

Christine Debrecht posted on Facebook last week that her daughter left her preferred can of dry shampoo in the middle console of her car. That might sound like a great place for it if you’re running late, but in reality, it’s very dangerous. The car got hot enough to make the aerosol can explode, pushing up through the console and shattering the sunroof before finally landing 50 feet away.

A Missouri mom is warning people to heed warning labels on products after an aerosol can of dry shampoo exploded in her daughter's car.

Posted by NBC News on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In case you wanted to know what dry shampoo was good enough for emergency use, Debrecht’s pictures showed it was Equate Tea Tree Dry Shampoo from Walmart. NBC News reports that the retail giant stands by its product and that consumers should pay attention to the warnings on the can advising of the explosion risk when heated.

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Walmart isn’t alone in putting warnings on its cans. You should always store your aerosol cans in your temperature-controlled home.

Since we’ve passed the first day of fall, it’s important to note that there are several substances you should also keep out of your car as it gets colder outside. For instance, bottled water you might have in your car for emergencies could rupture its bottle if it freezes and expands.

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If you have any spray cans in your car, make sure to clean them out before it’s your car’s glass all over the streets when they explode. At least this case should give you some motivation to wake up a few minutes earlier so you don’t have to bring your dry shampoo along for the ride.