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Dubai Man Proposes with Help from UAE Camaro Club

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Dubai Camaro proposal

UAE Camaro Club members volunteer their time and cars to help one man pull off an incredible proposal

Here’s some car news that can be filed under ALG: Ain’t Love Grand?

A Dubai man wowed his girlfriend with an elaborately romantic marriage proposal, made possible with help from his fellow members of the United Arab Emirates Camaro Club. Check out the video below.

[WARNING: Those with low schmaltz tolerance should be aware that the following video features Disney princesses, heart-shaped balloons, and the sappy sounds of Boyce Avenue]

Dubai Camaro Proposal Video

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Interestingly, a GM Authority article about this video states that the man pulled off the extravagant proposal with help from “his fellow Camaro club members and his soon-to-be finance’s friends.”

Either this was an innocent misspelling of the word “fiancé,” or GM Authority made a Freudian slip that reveals their very bleak view of this couple’s future. The phrasing  of “soon-to-be finance” seems to suggest that the woman will eventually represent nothing more to the man than a financial obligation, perhaps in the form of alimony payments, which will become so burdensome that the man is forced to sell his beloved Camaro.

Wow, GM Authority… who hurt you?

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