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Dubai Spreads Policy of Fining Owners of Dirty, Abandoned Cars

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Dirty vehicle

More areas in India will fine owners for abandoning dirty cars in public places.
Photo: kuhnmi

This week, the Dubai municipality department met with local property developers to help spread a policy to residential areas. The policy helps promote the aesthetic appeal of cities and helps eliminate the eye-sore of abandoned vehicles left dirty and/or damaged on the side of the road. It will also include vehicles that are parked in areas that impede street cleaning.

This initiative was born out of a desire to spread the department’s current My Vehicle campaign to other areas. The campaign stresses the link between clean cars and a clean, appealing urban environment.

Once the vehicle is identified as being problematic, the department will write up a violation notice and place a warning sticker on the car in question. The vehicle owner will have 15 days to clean the vehicle.

dirty car

A dirty car in Dubai that was seized by the city when the owner failed to clean their car within the 15-day time window.
Photo: Ivo Sofiq

Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie, director of the Dubai Municipality Department, articulates the consequences for not complying with the protocol: “In the event of failure to respond within this period, the vehicle will be confiscated and shifted to the Municipality Scrap Yard of the Warehouse Section under the Contracts and Purchase Department. If the vehicle owner does not contact the Municipality to pay the fine, the vehicle will be sold by auction.”

This might seem like a strict policy for residential areas to incorporate, considering how easily cars accumulate dust and grime. But if the My Vehicle campaign is to make their slogan “Clean Vehicle, Sustainable City” a reality, both the Dubai Municipality Department and area property developers believe this legislation is necessary.

News Source: Gulf News