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Dude Rolls his SUV, Abides

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Oops, wrong exit...

Oops, wrong exit…

The dash cam footage in this video never shows the face of the driver (or his passenger, for that matter), but something about his demeanor makes us think he might have long hair, a pair of shades, and a shaggy beard with a perpetual White Russian milk moustache.

That’s because this motorist’s reaction to his SUV flipping over is so calm, it’s practically Dude-like. There is something very Jeffery Lebowski-esque about the way he just… abides this whole incident.

Take a look for yourself:

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“Well, that was awesome,” the man deadpans rather dryly after what looks like a pretty terrifying crash.

“That actually is not the worst thing in the world,” his friend offers helpfully, quickly putting this minor incident into perspective.

The dude (Dude?) who uploaded this video says that he was driving his 1995 Jeep Cherokee when a bad tire unexpectedly blew out at speeds of 70 mph, causing the Jeep to roll. Both driver and passenger escaped without any injuries (or even, it would seem, any raised eyebrows), which is [actually] awesome.

Let this video serve as a reminder to always try and keep your cool and take things in stride. Also, check the condition of your tires a little more frequently, maybe.

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