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Dumb Criminal of the Day: Man Steals Infiniti, Posts Pictures on Social Media

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man steals infiniti in texas

Oh hai, you’re under arrest

The internet is, in many ways, a wondrous invention. It allows us to keep in contact with far-off friends and family, alerts us of breaking news as soon as it happens, and answers vitally important questions such as which famous car you should drive. But the internet is also a curse, allowing stupid people to do stupid things in public. Although, come to think of it, reading about dumb people doing idiotic things is entertaining…

The latest dumb criminal to hit the interwebs is Christopher Andrew Lee of Wharton, Texas. Lee decided to steal a car—an Infiniti SUV, to be exact—and took off in it to do whatever needed doing. He then snapped a picture of the keys and posted them on Facebook, along with his location (League City health clinic). Once police discovered the post, they were able to track Lee down at the health clinic and arrest him.

Lee is now being held at the Galveston County jail on a $60,000 bond. His is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle… and, probably, extreme stupidity.

Hopefully he at least posted on Facebook to let his friends know where he was!

News Source: Galveston County Daily News