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Dwayne Johnson Displays His Affection for the Ford F-150 Via Instagram

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There are many celebrities who endorse automobiles, but not many of them seemingly have the genuine passion for the brand they represent more than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does for the 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Standing 6-feet 5-inches tall and owning some of the biggest muscles on planet Earth, Johnson has joked on his Instagram account that he simply can’t fit inside supercars made by Lamborghini or Ferrari, which leaves full-size pickup trucks as just about the only type of vehicle this actor, producer, and former professional wrestler can actually fit inside.

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The Rock recently shared a new picture of his customized Ford F-150 sitting beside a private jet at a Georgia airport. In the caption that accompanied the photo, the semi-retired wrestler explained that with his rare day off, he was going to spend time with his family and take a Sunday drive to Target, but he added that he would remain inside his beloved F-150 to catch up on e-mails and finalize business plans.

Johnson’s F-150 certainly isn’t a stock model, as he enlisted California Custom Sport Trucks to make quite a few modifications to the vehicle. Johnson nicknamed it “The Bull” and explained via social media that his truck features a lift kit, 5-inch dual exhaust system, tinted windows, custom black matte grille, custom aggressive hood, and an upgraded sound system that he uses to listen to everybody from Jamey Johnson to Jay-Z.

Johnson also shared that California Customs have been working on his personal trucks for years, which could include the truck Johnson was riding in when he accidently sideswiped some random guy’s vehicle in 2015. Johnson knocked the side window off the man’s truck, but when he tried to give money for repairs, the man refused and settled for a picture with the movie star instead.

In 2015, Johnson signed a multi-year deal with Ford to star in an advertising campaign called “The Specialists at Ford,” where he works alongside a group of technicians to highlight services offered by the blue oval.

Johnson thinks so highly of the Ford trucks that he gave his uncle Tonga a new F-150 last Christmas. There’s no better proof that Johnson genuinely appreciates the brand he endorses than by providing a F-150 to one of his beloved family members.

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