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East Coast Snowpocalypse Shows Even the Best Drivers Can’t Fight Snow

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Snowmageddon 2016

Multiple feet of snow have blanketed the East Coast, and Washington, DC’s best drivers are even struggling to handle it

Over the past few days, the East Coast has been muffled under multiple feet of snow. From the northern reaches of Maine, down as far as Virginia, millions of people have a slew of snow days coming their way. While more of the northern states, such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania—who have seen this kind of snow before—have a handle on the whole “ERMAHGERD WE’RE GETTING SNOW” thing, Washington, DC seems to be losing its marbles.

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Since it first began receiving snow last week, DC has progressively gotten more and more shuttered. In fact, even those who are supposed to be the best drivers in the world—the Secret Service—seem to be struggling in the light dusting the city received Wednesday before the Snowpocalypse unleashed its white fluffy mass.

It was reported that, while the entire city’s traffic was stuck in one massive gridlock, the President of the United State’s motorcade slipped and skidded on icy roads, hitting curbs several times. There was even a press pool report about it:

The vans slipped and skidded on the icy roads, making contact several times with the curb during the more suburban part of the drive. After nearly an hour, the motorcade vehicles started making more aggressive use of their sirens and stoplight privileges.

Poolers counted between three and four fender benders/accidents in the first 20 minutes of the ride, which ended at the White House at approximately 8:40pm.

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Now, the Secret Service is full of many, many amazing men and women. The fact that they risk their lives every day for our country is amazing in and of itself. These agents have undergone numerous training courses, the least of which is learning some pretty specialized driving maneuvers. When they are out on the road with the President, they’re in charge of his life—so they really, really have to know how to drive and know how to drive well. Yet they still managed to get into multiple “fender benders” when the snow started to fall.

It just goes to show you—no matter how well you know how to drive, no skill will help you keep traction out on the road. If you go out and about on the East Coast within the next few days, make sure you take serious precautions. Better yet—don’t go out at all. It’s really for the best.