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1 Comment Pits 1966 Corvette Against 2015 Toyota Camry

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After recently comparing the Honda Odyssey to the (fictional) Tartan Prancer minivan, has come up with an even stranger showdown: a 1966 C2 Corvette vs. a 2015 Toyota Camry.

It’s an odd pairing, for sure. One is a classic sports car and the other is a modern, well, “appliance,” to use Edmunds’ own terminology. But that’s sort of the point—after fifty years, a Camry’s V6 (268 hp) is comparable to a ’66 Corvette’s V8.

So, how does the driving experience compare? Take a look:

The Camry actually managed a lap time of 1:37, while hitting a top speed of 96 mph. The vintage Vette’s lap time of 1:44 was seven seconds longer, and the top speed of 83 mph is over 10 mph lower than the Camry’s.

Toyota wins the quarter-mile, too, with a 14.7 second time and 99 mph top speed that easily bests the Chevy’s 16 second ¼-mile and 83.5 mph top speed.

So does the Toyota Camry “win” the competition? Not really.

As the driver notes, it’s not very surprising that fifty years of advancements in engineering would make the Camry faster than the Corvette. But time and technology can’t make the Camry more fun, and that’s where the Corvette still excels after all these years.