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Ekin Patrol G2 Facial Recognition System for Police Cars

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Similar to the high-tech dash cams that Coban Technologies tested this past autumn with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), a new company has issued their own contribution to make cops’ jobs a bit easier. It’s called the Ekin Patrol G2, and its multi-faceted functions promise to bring sensor technology one step closer to the digital age. The gadget takes the form of a light bar that officers can incorporate into the conventional rooftop light design.

Facial recognition is the first forte of the Ekin Patrol G2 system. It can detect and analyze any faces within its viewing range, then it employs a real-time identity check over a specific database. This function will enable police officers to identify suspects more accurately and efficiently.

The Ekin Patrol G2 also boasts a 360-degree automatic number plate recognition function for any incoming, parked, or outgoing vehicles within its detection field. Speed detection, parking enforcement, and video surveillance are three added bonuses which further assist law enforcement tasks.

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As stated on the website, the Ekin Patrol G2 was designed to “provide 100% coverage at the locations not covered by fixed systems.” Its “plug&play” design enables it to be “the first and only compact smart patrol unit in the world, […] compatible with any kind  of vehicle.”

It can also communicate with other Ekin solutions products via a communication infrastructure, to provide faster backup support and ensure a rapid response to incident locations. Because the technology is AI-based rather than human-based, it also poses as an economical option to increase security and enforcement.

View this cool new technology for yourself here:

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