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Eleanor Norton Holmes Parks as Well as She Votes

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Eleanor Norton Holmes, 77, walks away from America's worst parking job

Eleanor Norton Holmes, 77, walks away from America’s worst parking job

New video evidence has emerged which seems to prove that congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton parks about as well as she votes—which is to say, she is fundamentally incapable of parking.

Norton’s inability to vote is due to the fact that she represents the District of Columbia, and as such, is a non-voting Delegate in the US House of Representatives. We’re not sure what excuses her inability to park, though, other than the fact that she is a few months away from her 78th birthday.

Watch and cringe:

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“If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore,” jokes one of the anonymous tipsters who filmed the poor parking job and sent it to Roll Call’s gossip blog, Heard on the Hill. After bumping the (correctly parked) red car next to her multiple times, Representative Norton does not appear to leave a note.

Her office, though, disputes that interpretation of the video.

“After the Congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any,” a Norton aide told HOH. “But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any.”

It’s too bad that The Colbert Report is no longer on the air, as Stephen Colbert would probably take great pleasure in mocking Holmes, his “arch-nemesis,” over this embarrassing incident:

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Oh man, just get a room, you two.

News Source: Heard on the Hill