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Emoji Plates Invade Australia’s Highways

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Emoji license plates
Photo: Personalized Plates Queensland

Emojis are already in your text messages, social media posts, advertisements, and movies. Now, they’re taking over Australia’s highways. Starting March 1, Queensland drivers will be able to customize their license plates with a selection of familiar smiley faces. Offerings include “Smile,” “Wink,” “Sunglasses.” “Heart Eyes,” and “Laugh out Loud,” which features the familiar crying-laughing smiley.

Check out the Instagram post below to get an idea of what the new plates will look like.

But if you want to brighten up your car with a big goofy smile, it’ll set you back about 475 AUD ($340). Emoji plates will still need three letters and two numbers because the emojis are just for show — they’re not a part of the vehicle’s official registration number. If they were, it would surely be a sign of an impending apocalypse.

On social media, the emoji plates have garnered mixed reactions. Of course, many people can’t wait to deck out their cars in full happy-face regalia. Some commenters wish for the full spectrum of emojis. You know — everything from cute puppies, to, uh, “surprises” that cute puppies leave on your lawn. Naturally, some motorists are rolling their eyes, while others point out that it’s just another clever way for the authorities to rake in a little extra dough.

Despite the naysayers, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland is supportive of the new designs. Spokeswoman Rebecca Michael explained that the emoji plates are no different than ones bearing the logos of sports teams or local icons — they’re all ways for drivers to express a little individuality.

What kind of emoji would you want on your license plate? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CNN