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England’s Vauxhall Corsa Bandits Continue Reign of Bizarre Thefts

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If you were perusing The News Wheel back in July last year, you might have noticed one odd news story from across the Atlantic, where police in Bedfordshire, England reported that someone was stripping down and selling parts stolen from peoples’ Vauxhall Astras and Corsas—500 times in the previous two years. These thieves would come in the wee hours of the morning and take parts that were easy to take off and carry away, like front bumpers and hoods (although some were apparently stripped down to the chassis).

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It seems that this wasn’t some local phenomenon, and didn’t end after that time, as thefts similar to that rash of thefts have started popping up in the region of Cleveland in Northeast England. Last September a Corsa was stripped of body panels in the parking lot while the owner and son were watching a soccer (or football) game, and that same month a high-end Corsa was stolen from the owner’s driveway, pushed to a nearby grassy area, and stripped of bumper, headlights, wheels, seats, air bag, steering column, and floor mats. Then, in November, a much smaller theft claimed another Corsa’s headlights. Finally, two more Corsas were hit this month, with one losing its hood and the other losing its whole front end, including grille, bumper, and headlights.

The reason for these thefts is probably taking these components to sell on the car body repair black market, since these parts are the ones that most commonly need to be replaced in the event of a crash. However, as to why it’s just Vauxhall Corsas and Astras (and Corsas in particular) that are being targeted, nobody seems to know what is going on. Other than the popularity of the models, Vauxhall has denied that there is anything about these cars that makes them more susceptible this kind of crime.

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Until the perpetrators (and reason for these thefts) are revealed, if you are driving one of these GM-subsidiary cars in England, it is probably best to park in well-lit areas, in a garage, or up close to something that would make it difficult for thieves to remove parts from the front of the car.

News Source: GazetteLive