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Enterprise Teams up With Princess Anna for New Commercial

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Princess Anna of Disney’s Frozen franchise is no stranger to adventure. To help the animated royalty and you conquer life’s transportation problems, Enterprise is launching an ad campaign with Anna’s voice actress, Kristen Bell.

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This is not the first time that Kristen Bell has worked with Enterprise. She first appeared in commercials for the brand with no Frozen reference in late 2016. Her commercials focused on all the ways Enterprise can help you move around, from car rental, to big trucks, to car sharing.

This time around, Kristen Bell still appears in the commercials as herself. In the first add in the series, Bell walks around an SUV with an Enterprise rep, talking about how she needs a car with a lot of horsepower and capability. He assures her that the company has a lot of vehicle options, and asks her how epic her upcoming journey will be. As Bell looks into the middle distance, clips from the Frozen 2 trailer come up, showing crashing waves and an autumn landscape.


After the Enterprise logos and slogan, the commercial closes with Bell in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. When she realizes that it has dual-zone climate control, she asks the Enterprise employee “Now who has magic powers?!”

We’re not sure advanced vehicle features count as magical powers. Even if they do, they definitely don’t measure up to Anna’s sister Elsa’s control over ice and snow. We hate to spoil part of the new Frozen movie, but we’re also pretty sure that Anna doesn’t head into the magic forest behind the wheel of a bulky American SUV. I mean, Sven would be quite upset with her.

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We’re actually a bit surprised that this seems like the only automotive partnership for Frozen, especially considering all the cars Star Wars gets. We’re still on the edge of our seats to see if that upcoming film will get new Nissan show cars in the events to come.