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Environmentalist and Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Formula E Committee

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Leonardo DiCaprio Formula E

Leonardo DiCaprio may have gained popularity for his acting in TV shows like Growing Pains and movies like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, but over the years he has moved from being a Hollywood heartthrob to a well-known activist for the environment. Today he took another step to help promote sustainable cars and green driving.

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According to a statement by the International Automobile Federation, DiCaprio will be joining the team on the Formula E racing circuit as the chair for the Formula E Sustainability Committee. The committee’s job will be to monitor Formula E’s contribution to the promotion of electric vehicles, such as partner BMW’s i Series, especially in the cities it races in. The committee will also focus on educating the public about the benefits of electric cars. When Formula E was first founded, one of its main goals was to change the way electric cars are seen in the world, so this committee will be monitoring its progress.

The actor is also the creator of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is pledged to protecting the environment and wildlife. DiCaprio actually established LDF in 1998, so this commitment has been a part of his life for about 17 years. He is also a co-owner of the Venturi Formula E racing team, so he has actually been involved in electric car racing before this promotion. Perhaps adding “Committee Chairman” to his long resume will be just what it needs to help him win the hearts of the Academy voters this year and finally get him that well-deserved Oscar statuette.

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The Formula E series races in major city centers, like Berlin, London, Paris, Beijing, and Buenos Aires, to promote electric car performance. The series only makes it to US soil for one race in Long Beach, California. Maybe with a celebrity committee chair like Leonardo DiCaprio, they’ll be able to race in bigger American cities soon.

News Source: FIA Formula E