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Essentials to Stock in Your Car When Baby’s on Board

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Tiny bundles of joy need a lot of stuff, and when you are on the go with your teeny-tiny human, that means that great amount of stuff needs to be on the go, too. And, in case of emergency—say a traffic jam—the stuff you packed may not be enough. To avoid struggling through a delayed errand run with a baby who just isn’t having it, Brit & Co Writer Erica Loop suggests stocking your automotive baby carrier with a few key items.

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A back-up diaper bag stored in your car could save the day when your day-to-day diaper bag is lacking in supplies, and since babies can get quite messy, a second outfit stowed in that back-up diaper bag is perfect for diaper fails or sticky spit up, explains Loop. She adds that an extra top or full outfit might come in handy for you, too, especially if baby’s mess is more of the projectile-variety.

Since the weather is unpredictable, just like your baby’s moods, Loop suggests keeping a hat in your car that can shield your baby’s perfect skin from the sun during a walk (also perfect for when your baby demands a break from driving).

“A flashlight (and some extra batteries) is an old-school option that can help you out during a nighttime emergency. You can use the flashlight to search for your baby’s paci when it falls in that oh-so-dark crevice, or to look under the seat for the random sock your little one tossed off as you were taking her out of the car seat,” advises Loop.

To keep your car smelling fresh, Loop suggests keeping some sort of a trash container to collect dirty diapers, wipes, tissues, and anything else that if let to fester in your car will make your drives a whole lot stinkier.

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Since you will never run out of the need for extra wipes and tissues and extra pacifiers can help when one inevitably rolls onto the floor and under the seat just out of reach, Loop recommends reserving some space for these items in your car, as well.

News Source: Brit & Co