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EU Officially Introduces Better Car Emissions Tests

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It’s no secret that Europe’s emissions and mileage tests have for some time been, putting it mildly, gentle on the vehicles being tested, consistently returning higher mileage and lower emissions numbers than tests on the same models in the US–the Chevy Bolt, which is called the Opel Ampera-e in Europe, was rated at 238 miles of range in the states, while Europe estimated it at over 311 miles (500 km).

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However, it seems that the reveal of Volkswagen’s diesel cheating has energized the EU into doing something about it. The European Commission (the EU’s executive arm) announced today that new car models will officially face tougher emissions tests beginning on September 1st, which will yield “more reliable results and help to rebuild confidence in the performance of new cars.”

The new process is called Real Driving Emissions, and like the name implies, it strives to more accurately measure how a vehicle behaves in normal road driving, rather than how it performs in a lab. The previous process only used laboratory tests, so automakers would use additional strategies like taping up doors and windows to deliver better results.

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In addition to the new testing protocols, the European Commission is also asking for a reworking of new car model approvals (which is done by member states), and more power to oversee the process, crucially with the ability to fine carmakers.

Although the tests are mandatory for all models starting in September, German publication Deutsche Welle said that the new tests would be “phased in between 2018 and 2019.”

News Source: Deutsche Welle