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EU Sets Ambitious New Emissions Goals for 2030

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Earlier this week, the European Union (EU) approved a new emissions goal. Now, all new cars sold in 2030 will emit 37.5 percent less carbon dioxide than new vehicles old in 2021. New vans will emit 31 percent less carbon dioxide. As ambitious as the new goal sounds, it’s actually a compromise between the European Parliament and states like Germany. The former supported a 40-percent reduction in emissions, while the latter supported a 30-percent reduction.

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Clean air

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Realistic…or idealistic?

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), the new goal sounds good on paper but is “totally unrealistic based on where we stand today.” The association articulated that the new objective is based on political motives, and those who helped approve it failed to consider the sizable obstacles that consumers face. A current lack of recharging stations, as well as the expense of electric and hybrid vehicles, are two main hurdles that will slow the adoption of greener transportation. However, the new emissions goal helps enforce the EU’s commitment it made under the COP21 agreement in Paris — that by 2030, greenhouse gas emissions would drop 40 percent from their 1990 levels.

Small steps toward a greener environment

Whether or not the EU reaches its new goal in 2030, or falls a bit short, Europe has made solid progress toward curbing emissions. During the first half of this year, electric car sales increased 42 percent. That’s a total of 195,000 EVs and plug-ins sold. Certain cities like Paris are initiating car-free days to promote public transportation and more other eco-friendly alternatives to driving personal vehicles. Madrid established a car ban in the city’s center. Oslo is installing more bike paths and rezoning the city center to help reduce vehicle traffic and encourage residents to walk or bike to their destinations. Oxford recently proposed a zero-emission zone in the heart of the city.

We anticipate more news in the days ahead as Europe aligns its infrastructure and transportation regulations to align with the stricter emissions objective for 2030.

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News Source: Phys.Org