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European Initiative to Require EV Charging in Every New or Refurbished House

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Electric Car charging parking spot

Photo: byronv2

Although it isn’t the largest car market in the world, Europe is certainly shaping up to be the greenest soon, as a new draft EU directive that’s expected to take effect in the next three years would require every new or refurbished house in the entirety of the EU to be equipped with an EV charging port.

This follows rising green vehicle initiatives by countries like the Netherlands and Norway, the former of which is currently mulling over legislation to ban new gasoline-powered car sales by 2025, and the latter of which is currently the largest electric car market in the EU, with nearly half of its new cars being powered by electricity. This also follows increasing electric initiatives by Germany’s government, which often has a strong influence on EU policies.

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This initiative is intended to lay the groundwork for a Europe-wide EV sales boom such as Norway is currently seeing, as well as setting up a future in which additional electricity could be fed back into the systems from electric vehicles. This strategy is already used by some around the world, and could help to balance out electricity shortfalls in times when renewable energy sources don’t work at best capacity (e.g. when the sun isn’t shining for solar panels or when wind isn’t blowing for wind turbines).

In addition, the regulations (to be published later this year) would require that all new buildings with parking facilities would need to provide 10% of their parking spaces with charging facilities.

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News Source: The Guardian