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Even Royals Pack Snacks on Road Trips

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Cars aren’t the ideal environment for dining, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Especially on long road trips or when you’re stuck in traffic on your daily commute. 

It turns out that even royals pack in-car snacks sometimes. According to Mirror, the Duchess of Cambridge regularly takes along a lunch box when she’s traveling to and from public engagements. No, it’s not a colorful, old-school style lunch box from the 90s. Apparently, it’s just a small Tupperware container to hold her chosen snack. 

Other royals that snack on the go

Kate Middleton isn’t the only royal personage that enjoys dining in the car from time to time. Meghan Markle has been seen to travel with a bottle of Hildon natural mineral water in tow. And the Duchess of Cornwall likes to bring along a packet of Murray Mints when she’s on the road. 

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Duchess-worthy snacks

There are no eyewitness reports of exactly what snacks Kate prefers to pack for her road trips. However, we do know some of her favorite types of cuisine. So, it’s likely that one or more of these types of food ends up in her rumored plastic container.

Per Cooking Light, Kate has been known to observe the Dukan Diet, a program that includes lean proteins, fruit, veggies, and whole wheat, but excludes unhealthy carbs. She’s also been seen to munch on popcorn when attending sports games with her husband, the Duke of Cambridge.

Some of her favorite dishes also include gazpacho, ceviche, goji berries, watermelon salads, and tabbouleh, as the Daily Mail confirms. Chutney, curry, and vegetarian dishes are other meals she enjoys.  

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